About us

Your Best Source for Ductless Fume Hood Filters
Filtco has over 50 years of experience protecting users and the environment against harmful vapors, fumes and particulates in partnership with our parent company, Air Science.
When you choose Filtco, you are guaranteed the best in quality, safety and performance. Our ISO 9001 compliant manufacturing facility produces advanced activated carbon replacement filters, HEPA/ULPA filters and pre-filters for your ductless fume hood and similar enclosures.
Unparalleled Filter Selections and Superb Quality
Our fume hood filters work with the devices of over 25 major manufacturers and our performance and quality are unmatched. Filtco products meet, and in many cases, exceed the original manufacturer's specifications.
We use only coconut shell carbon in our activated carbon filters for the most effective contaminant filtration. This renewable carbon source is industry preferred worldwide.
Carbon quality is evaluated in compliance with the ASTM 15.1 standard and a Filtco Chemical guide is provided with each activated carbon filter. This guide details precise conditions of use in compliance with SEFA, AFNOR NFX 12-211 and other internationally-recognized standards. Certificates of conformance are also available for every ductless filter.
Serving Customers in the U.S. and Abroad
We serve domestic and international markets with excellent customer service, competitive prices and prompt shipping. Filtco carbon filters comply with the requirements of British Standard BS7989:2001 and European Standard AFNOR NF X 15-211.