Advantages of Filtco Filters

Proper Filter Maintenance is Essential for Performance
All activated carbon filters, no matter the manufacturer, have a capacity which limits the hazardous vapours removed from equipment exhausts. Implementing proper filter maintenance is essential to ensure your filters are performing suitably.
You should always follow the replacement intervals specified by the manufacturer of your ductless equipment. Without proper maintenance and periodic service, users and the environment may be exposed to harmful vapours. Even common chemicals can become hazardous when exposure exceeds the threshold limit value (TLV).
Expanded Replacement Filter Options
Filtco manufactures 14 different types of activated carbon filter media, each formulated for a specific hazard. This variety exceeds that offered by many OEM's and includes the following families:
  • Solvents, organic and alcohol vapours
  • Acids
  • Iodine and methyl iodide
  • Mercury vapour
  • Ammonia and amines
  • Hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans
  • Cyanide gas
  • Formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde
  • Diethyl ether
  • "Chemistry Class" blend for educational environments
Custom Manufactured Filters
Filtco can also custom manufacture filters in blends, layers or stackable configurations for applications involving several hazards. We also provide HEPA filters and combination carbon and HEPA filters that are listed in our online catalog. Contact Filtco for specific custom replacement filter requests.
Unmatched Quality
  • Thermally formed polypropylene filter case eliminates metal that can react with chemicals
  • Pressure packed carbon, heat sealed to prevent channeling or movement; carbon is not sprayed or bonded
Additional Filtco Benefits
  • A Filtco chemical guide with each filter
  • In-service date sticker for each filter
  • Computer tracking of er usage
  • Certificate of compliance for each filter
  • Extended warranty with each filter purchased
  • Savings of over 50% on some filters