Choosing Your Ductless Replacement Filter

Filtco offers activated carbon (AC) replacement filters that are optimized for the adsorption of a variety of hazardous materials.
How to Choose Your Filter
To select the most appropriate filter type, first analyze the processes and procedures used for your ductless enclosure. All Filtco filters are listed by manufacturer with the alternatives currently supported by Filtco listed under each model.
Contact us for help determining your specific chemical and chemical retention capacity.
Custom Ductless Filters
There is a chance your application will suggest a carbon or AC filter not offered by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). If no matching filters are suggested, please contact us and we will work with you to customise the most appropriate filter for your equipment.
Filtco filters offer excellent absorption characteristics and will provide long and effective service when used correctly with good laboratory practices.
Assuring Replacement Filter Quality
All ductless fume hood replacement filters should be purchased from reputable manufacturers who comply with usage standards and other national/international guidelines for filter performance.
Quality and safety cannot be ensured in aftermarket or DIY replacement carbon filters. Purchasing filters from unauthorized sellers jeopardizes the safety of lab personnel and the efficacy of your work. For many major manufacturers, purchasing replacement filters from unauthorized suppliers can also void your warranty.