Filtco Customer Services

Filtco Customer Services
Filtco supports customers with ductless filter recommendation and equipment inspection services.
Filter Recommendation Service
Filtco filters are manufactured using proprietary methods for superior absorption of hazardous vapours commonly encountered in laboratory and industrial applications. We are glad to share our in-depth product knowledge by recommending the best filter media and filter combinations for our customers' unique applications.
Our goal is to recommend carbon and HEPA filters that provide superior performance, long life and excellent value, to fulfil our customer's current and future replacement filter needs.
If you would like Filtco to look at your application, please print, fill out and return the Filter Recommendation Request form.
Equipment Inspection Service
Filtco believes that periodic inspection of ductless technology equipment is an essential component of safe, proper equipment use. We are pleased to recommend local service providers to our customers worldwide upon request.
Filtco Safety Programme
Click here to view the Filtco Safety Programme page.