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Replacement Filter Delivery Information

Filtco fulfills orders from both U.S. and U.K. locations and will ship using your designated carrier or the following providers:
  • UPS to U.S. and Canada
  • Meachers Global Logistics to Europe
Filtco filters are manufactured and packaged to be travel safe.
  • Activated carbon media is tightly packed into chambers that prevent settling during shipment. The filter is sealed in a heavy-duty plastic bag before being placed in a durable cardboard box.
  • Each filter is shipped with installation advice, a chemical absorbency guide and an in-service date sticker for your convenience.
  • Each order includes a packing slip and instructions for returns.
Our delivery servicers rely on the information you provide when ordering, so please be as accurate and specific as possible by including notes or additional details, such as building or dock numbers, that may help the delivery agent.
Tracking Order Delivery
Once your order has shipped, we will send you an email with your tracking number and a link to the carrier's website, so you can track your order.
  • Orders for filters shown in stock on the Filtco website and received at a shipping location before 12 p.m. local (EDT or GMT) time are packed and shipped the same day.
  • Orders placed later than 12 p.m. are shipped the next business day.
  • Most non-stock filters ship within 5-7 business day.
Taxes and Duties
Prices shown on the Filtco website DO NOT include any sales taxes, duties or VAT's.
  • You are legally obligated to pay any Duty due for imports into your country.
  • Filtco is required by law to charge sales tax on items shipped to Florida addresses, unless the buyer has a trade account and has given proof of tax exempt status.
  • To establish a trade account, please contact us.
  • Orders shipped from our U.S. warehouse to states other than Florida and destinations outside the U.S. are not charged sales taxes or VAT's.
  • Orders shipped from our U.K. warehouse comply with sales tax and VAT requirements of the specific destination Country.
Our shipment carriers cannot deliver orders until Duties are paid. An administration fee may be added to the Duty by the carrier. Duties and administration costs are not refundable.