Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which Filtco filter to order?
Filtco's business is supplying superior quality replacement filters for chemical and biological equipment applications. We make it easy for our customers to select the proper product:
  • Use the manufacturer's name and model number from the equipment's identification tag, purchase documentation, or manual.
  • Use the part number on the identification tag of the filter being replaced (CAUTION! Some filters collect hazardous materials during use and should not be handled.)
What payment methods are accepted?
Online orders may be paid using a valid credit card, either entered via Filtco's secure server or via a telephone call to Filtco. Customers may establish a trade account with Filtco and receive online account credentials through which orders may be made and associated with their purchase orders. To establish a trade account, please contact us. Alternatively, the online order form may be printed and mailed with a check to Filtco.
What about payment in currencies other than USD?
Credit card exchange rates are governed by the buyer's credit card agreement. Orders for trade accounts or cash payments are based upon LIBOR exchange rates at the time that the order is placed. Please contact Filtco for a quotation based upon other currencies.
What about sales taxes?
Prices shown on the web site do not include any sales taxes or VAT's. Orders shipped from our U.K. warehouse comply with sales tax and VAT requirements of the specific destination country. Orders shipped from our U.S. warehouse to states other than Florida and destinations outside the U.S. are not charged sales taxes or VAT's. To establish a trade account, please contact Filtco.
What shipping options are available?
Filtco's default shipping method is UPS Ground to U.S. and Canadian addresses, City Link to mainland UK addresses and DHL to all other destinations. Expedited shipping alternatives are available and may be selected during the checkout process. For quotations for shipments to outside the U.S., contact Filtco.
How promptly are orders processed?
Orders for filters shown in stock on the Filtco web site and received at a shipping location before 4pm EST or GMT are packed and shipped the day that the order is placed. Orders placed later than 4pm EST or GMT are shipped the next business day. Customers are sent email verification of their orders, and notification when their orders are shipped.
What about returns?
Filtco aims to make returns as painless as possible. Each package includes information on our return policies and procedures for your convenience. All returns require a prior Return Material Authorization; please contact Filtco to obtain an RMA. Our general guidelines for returns:
  • If we ship you the wrong item, we will pay for its return and ship you the correct item via rush delivery.
  • If you want to return an unused item you ordered, sealed in the original packaging, we will accept its return at your expense and refund your payment, less a 10% restocking fee.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the quality of any Filtco product, we will pay for its return and refund your full payment.
Do I have to create an online account to buy from the Filtco web site?
While we prefer our customers establish an online account and offer incentives, such as easy reordering, it is not a requirement. View "Completing the Order" on our How to Order page for full details.
How do I track my shipment?
When an order is shipped, the customer is sent email notification that includes a tracking number and a link to the carrier's website to determine your shipment's status.
How can I be sure of the quality of Filtco filters?
Check out the Filter Specifications section for a summary of Filtco's superior construction and quality control features. Filters designated for a specific application by Filtco meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications, and are compliant with any standards that the original manufacturer specified for the filter.
Can I use "aftermarket" replacement carbon filters to lower overhead costs?
Any replacement filter should be carefully sourced from a manufacturer you know and trust. Responsible filter manufacturers such as Filtco produce filters that comply with industry and third-party standards for safety and performance. Facility managers, lab safety officers, educators and end-use personnel must be confident in the efficacy of any replacement filter to protect them from VOCs and other fumes that the fume hood is designed to contain. Learn more about the dangers of improperly manufactured filters and filter integrity by downloading our white paper.
How can I obtain the detailed specifications for a filter?
Specifications are available via a link on each product's web page.
What about my private information?
Filtco uses your private information only to fulfill your orders. We do not disclose that information to other parties, except as required by law. You can view our detailed privacy policy for additional details.
Will I become an unwilling email recipient when I buy from the Filtco web site?
Filtco sends one email to document your order and another when it is shipped. That's it!