How to Order Ductless Replacement Filters

Filtco specializes in superior quality replacement filters for ductless technology enclosures. Find the replacement filter for your equipment easier than ever with our optimized product selection process.
Identification by Manufacturer
Check the product identification tag for the equipment manufacturer's name. While usually easy to find, the tag may be mounted on an inconvenient surface facing a wall. Equipment manuals or the purchase document should also list the manufacturer name.
  • Associated with each model are a group of main filters and safety filters for some models.
  • Each group has one or more filter selections.
  • See Choosing a Filter for more information on choosing a filter option for your equipment.
Caution: Some filters collect materials during use and should not be handled.
Registered online store users can view their past invoices and easily reorder a replacement filter by clicking the 'reorder' button.
Automatic Reordering
Registered online store users can also choose the automatic ordering of a replacement filter through the shopping cart. See Service Interval Recommendations for manufacturer replacement recommendations.
Ordering Custom Filters
Filtco can work with you directly if you need to order a custom replacement filter. Please contact us to discuss your filtration needs. We will identify or customize the most appropriate replacement filter for your equipment.
Completing the Order
We offer several ways to complete your order. Easily and securely purchase your items securely online via credit card or purchase order (Trade Accounts only), print the shopping cart invoice and mail it to the Filtco address listed, along with your payment, or place your order via phone by calling 0151 526 2457 local or 07714 744 417 international.
For other filter requirements, you can request a quote online. The quote will include an ID number that can be used to purchase the items through any of the methods above.