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HEPA Filter (99.99% 0.3 micron)
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GP Plus! The most widely used filter in the range, primarily for solvent, and alcohol removal.
ACI Plus! Designed to neutralize volatile inorganic acid vapors.
ACR Iodine and methyl iodide vapors. It is frequently used for iodine reactions with lower level radioactive iodine.
ACM Mercury Vapor
AMM Removes vapors from dilute ammonia solutions and to remove molecular weight amines.
SUL Designed to remove hydrogen sulphide and low molecular weight mercaptans.
CYN Removal of hydrogen cyanide. Many cyanide compounds will HCN gas id acififies, so this filter is normally specified if working with any cyanide compound.
FOR Designed to oxidize formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde fumes. It is widely used in hospitals pathology laboratories.
ETH Diethyl ether is absorbed on activated carbon, but because of its boiling point, the local head adsorption can reduce the capacity of the filter. Special impregnation allows a chemical reaction which the filter capacity.
EDU Designed to handle chemicals normally used is a university chemistry curriculum.
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