Filtco Safety Program

Filtco offers the Filtco Safety Management (FSM™) program for customers who desire turnkey safety management of their ductless technology equipment and ductless filters. FSM™ has three phases:
  • Specification
  • Installation
  • Inspection
An FSM™ expert analyzes your ductless technology application and generates a specification for equipment, filtration, installation and inspection. The specification is suitable for use with requests for quotes from equipment manufacturers and installers.
When your equipment is installed, an FSM™ expert will certify the installation as compliant to the required specifications. Your operations and safety personnel will receive a detailed certificate of the materials and processes for which the equipment was designed and properly installed. They will also receive ongoing inspection and maintenance requirements to assure continuing performance and protection.
At the specified intervals, an FSM™ expert will contact your operations and/or safety personnel to verify conformance to the application and maintenance requirements for the equipment. If there are changes to your application or usage, the FSM™ expert will assess and implement any required changes to your certificate. The FSM™ expert will also walk you through carbon filter saturation tests and replacement procedures as required.
Please contact us to enroll in our FSM™ program.